We have a partnership with Shizuoka University since 2016.

Shizuoka University students and their lecturer Mr.Yamamoto (far right)
at Shimizu Port

These students will accompany your chartered taxi tour from Shimizu Port (note: twice a year as their English class) They are studying English at Shizuoka University.
Please read the explanation below written by their lecturer, Mr. Yoshihiko YAMAMOTO.

The university students who will join your taxi tour, are learning English as the EFL under the English program which includes a field trip. The program started in 2016. The field trip is collaboratively conducted among the local government (Shizuoka City), local travel agent (Our coumpany: Local travel partners) and local volunteer English tour guides. The field trip was made for the students to communicate with people from overseas in English. The lecturer expects them to learn not only English but also your cultures and so forth from you. Also our students, we hope. tell you our cultures, local things(about Shizuoka) and so forth. Since our students do not have many opportunities to out put what they learn in their class after their classes, it is a great opportunity for our students if they can join in your taxi tours. If you don’t mind taking our students with you, it would be appreciated.

Also, since this is a very unique English class. the lecturerwho is in charge of this class (he will also be at Shimizu Port when you show up) wants to use this class as a research. It would be very appreciated if you fill out the questionnaires after the taxi trip. The questionnaires will take about 5 minutes to be done and they are only used for a research purpose.

English class at Shizuoka University
Hirokane ISHIKAKI, the manager of Local Travel Partners is talking about how to provide private tours to cruise ship customers.
Actually this is one of the most popular English classes since 2016.

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