Our Recommended Accommodations 
(We can arrange all your bookings, hotel ,car, actitvities.)

Shizuoka City (easy access by bullet train /Shinkansen)
Hotel Grand Hills Shizuoka, Hotel Garden Square Shizuoka, Hotel Associa Shizuoka
(Nihondaira Plateau)
Nippondaira Hotel, highly recommended
(Miho no Matsubara)
Hagoromo Hotel
(local beach, Mochimune)
Nihoniro (not hotel, 1 house for 1 group, traditional Japanese house)

Fujinomiya City (close to Mountain Fuji)
Ogawaso (a traditional Japanese ryokan, very close to Fujisan Hongu Sengen Shrine and JR Fujinomiya Station, open air bath viewing Mt.Fuji)
Kyukamura Fuji (in Lake Tanuki area), access by public transportation is not so good.

Shimoizumi area (local area, countryside nearest countryside from Shizuoka Station)
(by Oigawa Railway Steam Locomotive)

There are some farmers houses that accepting oversea travelers.
We have partnerships with these farmers.
In order to get this area, visiting by steam locomotive of Oiwgawa railway is popular and our recommended.

Senzu area (local area, coutryside, the terminal station of Oigawa steam locomotive)
(by Oigawa Railway Steam Locomotive)

There are also some farmers houses.
The difference from Kawane town is that Senze is the main station of Oigawa Railway.
To get here, you can use Daitetsu bus for Sumatakyo Onsen area and also you can ride abt train (this mountain train system  is from Switzerland ) to Okuoi Kojo Station (=means station on the lake) 
Very popular spot in this area.

Sumatakyo  Onsen area (You can reach there by bus from Senzu Station.)
Hotel Suikoen
If you want to stay at local Onsen Ryokan, this ryokan is highly recommended.
You can enjoy walking around Sumatakyo Yume no Tsuribashi area.

Yamanashi area (near Lake Yamanaka)
Hotel Kaneyamaen
Traditional Japanese ryokan. excellent hospitality, Mt. Fuji viewing from outdoor bath.
Japanese taiko (drum) show every night. With our request, shuttle bus service to Mt. Fuji Station could be prepared.  Shuttle bus service between JR Mishima Station and the hotel is also available.

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