Shimizu S-Pulse Dream Plaza
(in front of Shimizu’s Marina)

A shopping and entertainment complex featuring the first Sushi theme park in Japan !

The S-Pulse Dream Plaza, recognizable by its orange and yellow color and its big ferry wheels !


S Pulse Dream Plaza is a shopping mall full of attractive features !  
The place gathers a lot of amusement facilities for everyone to have a pleasant time. To begin with the Shimizu Sushi Museum and its sushi restaurants court, there are also the Chibi Maruko-chan Land, the Suruga souvenir shops area -where you can purchase regional specialties such as green tea, Shizuoka oden and much more-, the Cinema theater, the game center and so on !


With a nice view of the Marina, you can visit the complex during your walk.


Well located in Shimizu, a district of Shizuoka city, it is near the marina where you can take a stroll. The access from the Shimizu JR station can be done by a free shuttle bus and if you’re more of a walking person, you can be there in a 15 minutes walk. 

Shimizu S Pulse is a soccer team in J1 League, native of Shimizu ! The mall is named after the team and is one of the base of the supporters. There is a soccer shop and even a Futsal court inside the mall !


Shimizu Sushi Museum

Shimizu Sushi Museum” on the first floor is Japan’s first sushi theme park ! There is also a great line up of sushi restaurants, around 10 of them are gathered in an alley called “Sushi Yokocho”. From full-fledged Edo-mae sushi prepared in front of you to sushi train (rotation sushi) restaurants, you can have fresh sushi any way you want to !

The “Shimizu Sushi Museum” is divided by theme, including a reconstitution of the Shimizu Port during the Meiji era, about 100 years ago, and an exhibition introducing sushi from all over Japan. You can enjoy this museum’s nostalgic atmosphere in kimono if you wish ! You coud rent it at the entrance 🙂

Nowadays sushi is known throughout the world, but it is surely interesting to know its roots and history in Japan!


Chibi Maruko-chan Land

One character, very loved by Shizuokan and especially Shimizu’s people is Chibi Maruko chan.
Chibi Maruko chan Land   is located on the second floor in Dream Plaza.

Chibi Maruko chan is originally a girl’s comic story by Momoko SAKURA. “Chibi Maruko-chan” is a fun and heartwarming work that depicts the daily life of Maruko in her hometown Shimizu : it is an autobiographical manga by the author. It has been adapted into an anime series and is very popular as a comical animation !

Enter the world of Maruko, her home, classroom and so on ! All mangas by the author are displayed in the library, take your time to have a look and visit Momoko SAKURA’s art gallery. A cosplay in your favorites Chibi Maruko-chan character is also possible ! You can have lunch in a primary school canteen in the 70s and have a taste of the meal served at that time : a unique experience.


S Pulse dream Plaza is a place to enjoy at any age ! Why not come and have a day off the way people have it here ? Just enjoy the marina and the view offered to you from the ferry wheel !

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