French speaking guide in Shizuoka

Robert (the gentleman on the left)
(Guide, French, He has lived in Shizuoka for over 40 years!)
English teacher, French teacher, Tourism & Gourmet Journalist,
His knowledge of Japanese tea, wasabi, sake is more than Japanese.
He is the official English writer of Shimizu S-pulse football team.
You can count on him!

English speaking driver in Shimizu

(a veteran English speaking driver)
He is the most popular taxi driver for overseas travelers in Shizuoka City.
He is a very hospitable person. We received many great reviews from our customers.
Please take a look at our Trip Advisor site.

Kiyono, a partner English speaking guide of Local Travel partners

(an excellent English interpreter guide)
She has grown up in Shizuoka and has acquired much knowledge about Shizuoka.
Before the guests arrive, she always check about clients' interests. And she prepares a guidance to suit them. a very hospitable lady!
We sometimes receive guide requests for her from our new guests. (mainly from cruise ship passengers)
Why? Because our past guests (cruise ship passengers) recommend her to guide to their friends.


(a veteran English interpreter guide)
She was managing an organization to grow English speaking guide and has much experience in guiding.
You can count on her!

Yoko an English speaking guide



(Roger is from France who has been living in Shizuoka over 40 years. French and English speaking guide)
He has a lot of knowledge about Japanese culture and history. He is a very rare foreign Noh mask carver.

English speaking guide in Shizuoka

(a veteran English interpreter guide, English teacher)
She is managing an organization (with Hiroko ) to grow English speaking guide and has much experience in guiding.
You can count on her!

private tours from Shimizu

(a young English interpreter guide)
He is our new partner. He always prepares seriously before he welcome guests.
He surely makes your travel more enjoyable!

Kyla an English speaking guide


Michiko, an English interpreter guide in Shimizu

(an English interpreter guide)
She is a very bright and kind woman.
She is working at a tourist information in Izu peninsula.
So she has much knowledge about Shizuoka prefecture.
You can count on her.

Saki (She went back to France in 2020. She wrote many blog posts in English and French. Please enjoy her posts.)
Japanese from her mother and French from her father. She has always lived in France, except for summer in her childhood spend at her grandparents' home in Shizuoka.
Speaks English and French. She's our new partner who has been in Shizuoka since last May.
She entered as a blogger to share Shizuoka's must see spots. Please have a look on our blog !


Kosuke (second left)
(an English interpreter guide)
He is so gentle and has much knowledge about sightseeing spots in Shizuoka.
As he is from Mishima City, he is also good at guiding the east part of Shizuoka Prefecture.
You can count on him! You can find great review about him on our trip advisor page.

Elliot, English speaking driver

A native English speaking driver from the U.K.
He speaks fluent Japanese, too.
He knows much about Shizuoka. (also he knows much about Tokyo) You can count on him.
Click the photo to read his message!

italian speaking guide yuka

Tour guide-interpreter of Italian-Japanese / Nihoncha Instructor(Japanese Tea Instructor)
Guida turistica-interprete italiano-giapponese(Guida turistica per i viaggiatori italiani) / Nihoncha Instructor (Instructor del tè giapponese) Click the photo to read her message!

Hero an English speaking guide


Motoko an English speaking guide


Nobuko an English speaking guide



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