Shizuoka Sengen Shrine

The oldest shrine in the region, filled with History

Shizuoka Sengen Shrine is a collective group that gather 3 independent Shrines : Kanbe Shrine, Sengen Shrine and Otoshiomiya Shrine. It is affectionally called “Osengen-san” by the local population. They often pay a visit for various annual ceremonies for new year or Shichi-go-san. The Kami -or deity- enshrined in there are the guardian deities of Shizuoka city. 

Ieyasu Tokugawa, one of the most famous shôgun in Japan History, held his coming-of-age ceremony in there. The Shizuoka sengen shrine has been protected from both the Imagawa and the Tokugawa family in the past. Known as a shrine related to Ieyasu Tokugawa, many tourists visit from outside the prefecture, especially in spring, when the cherry tree blossom beautifully.

Most of the current shrine was reconstructed in the late Edo period. The shrine is gorgeous and designated as an important cultural property of the country ! It is spreading to the southern foot of Mount Shizuhata in Aoi district of Shizuoka city.

The Shizuoka sengen shrine, crowded during a festival.

The entrance gate : red torii, will welcome you into the shrine. It is a 15 minutes walk away from the Sumpu castle park. You pass through a local shopping arcade to arrive to the Shrine.

The Otoshimioya shrine was founded about 1700 years ago by Emperor Ojin (273) ! No wonder the Shizuoka Sengen shrine is said to be the oldest shrine in the region !

Its Kami was established as a guardian deity of “Abe no ichi” or “Abe market”, an ancient logistics hub and commercial center. The deity is since then the landlord god of Shizuoka City.

The Kanbe shrine and the Sengen Shrine are gathered in one building : the ohaiden -front shrine-. It is this beautiful and impressive edifice.

In this building of the so-called Asama structure, you can find some awesome ceiling paintings of “Happo Minoru Ryu”, “Koryo Torin” and “Tenjin” by the artists Hannobu Kano and Hironobu Kano.

Kanbe kami is the deity of happiness, who bring treasure.
Asama kami is the deity who will bring you a good partner, and a safe delivery.

In front of the ohaiden, the buden which was build in the late Edo period. It is a hall where traditional dance are performed on special occasion.

Those magnificent sculptures can be seen on the buden.

Apart from the three main shrines, there are also four others shrine in the Shizuoka Sengen Shrine precinct. 
This one is the Yachihoko shrine. Enshrined here is the deity who opens up good fortune.

To visit the Hayama shrine, you will have to climb up those stairs.

At the Hayama shrine, there is the deity who beckon happiness.

From there, you can continue in the mountain for a hike. If you wish to do so, don’t forget to put on good shoes !

Or you can continue to visit the other shrines. Here is the Sukunahikona shrine. People pray its deity of wisdom to find inspiration, in the artistic field.

Seventh and last shrine is the Tamaboko shrine. Most students will go pray this deity for success in theirs exams.

If you visit and pray at all seven shrines in the precinct of the Shizuoka Sengen shrine, it is said all your wishes will come true ! There is nothing to lose by giving it a try 🙂

One can also take a nice stroll in the shrine garden. If you are interested in Shizuoka history, the Shizuoka City Museume of History waits for you. There are valuable materials displayed such as materials related to the Tokugawa family and Imagawa family.

Note : Except for the Hayama shrine which is accessed by stone steps, there are accommodation for wheelchair users to visit the Shizuoka Sengen shrine.

You can get more information about Shizuoka Sengen Shrine from our blog post written by our staff Saki !
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