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We arrived on a cruise ship and none of the offered shore excursions appealed to us.
We saw a bike tour offered to a tea farm and wanted to book it.
Unfortunately, that tour was starting from a different Cruise port than our ship was using.
The owner of Local Travel Partners reached out and offered us a different bike tour that took us all around the area to different Mt Fuji vantage points.
We booked it and have to say that it was the best decision ever!

We were met right on the dock by the owner and our guide, Masa.
They had amazing hybrid bikes, helmets, and bottles of water all ready for us.
We rode through Shimizu and visited the city center (with great view of Mt Fuji) and then went to a fish market (and had some sushi for breakfast) and then put our bikes on the water bus.
Our guide was very organized and knew that buying tickets for the water bus wasn’t enough…he knew that he also needed to position himself with our bikes right away – so we were ensured to get a spot on the water bus. (Unfortunately there were more people waiting than the water bus could carry)
We rode to several more amazing locations (seeing Mt Fuji) at every stop.

Our guide Masa really got to know us and made a couple recommendations for the remainder of our tour.
We visited a tomato cafe (and ate tomatoes from a vending machine) and rode to the local university for lunch.
While most people wouldn’t appreciate eating cafeteria food with university students, it was exactly the genuine experience we were hoping for.
Making friends and helping students practice their English was a highlight of our entire day!

We highly recommend the company and you will be so lucky if you get Masa as your guide.

English speaking cycling guide

English speaking cycling guide

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