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Customer’s voice 29

Motoko The Magnificent!

Motoko’s joyous sharing of her knowledge and expertise set the stage for a fabulously unforgettable day.
She and her excellent driver gave us so much more than we had any right to expect.
She took us to ideal spots perfect for the conditions of the day, allowing us to create some of our fondest memories in our thirty years of traveling.
Not only was her enthusiasm for the region and its history contagious, but she wholeheartedly embraced our traveling traditions (heart rocks, Moushka!) making us feel we had found a cherished new friend.
Arigatō Motoko for sharing your special gifts with us.

review from the customer who joined our Shimizu sightseeing tour by a sedan taxi

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  2. Bike tour to a green tea farm
  3. farmers house stay in shizuoka
  4. Miho no Matsubara


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