Elliot, a native English speaking driver from the U.K

Customer’s Voice 8

Hi Hirokane,
Thank you for the photo.
We had a wonderful tour with Elliott and the weather was superb.
Thank you for organizing our tour in Shimizu.

Our guests from the U.K, Australia and Canada. (3 couples) and Elliot, a native English speaking driver from the U.K.
Thank you so much for joining our tour!

They knew each other through cruise critic site and made this group.

They were a little bit different from our other guests.

Visited Miho Pine Tree Grove, Nihondaira Plateau, take a ropeway to Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, and after that, they walked down 1,159 stone steps from the shrine to the bottom.
(Most of our guests take a round trip ropeway and back to Nihondaira.)

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