Kunozan Toshogu Shrine

Customer’s Voice 27

Muy práctico y perfecto para visitar desde un crucero si no tienes mucho tiempo. Nuestro guía Hero excelente, sabía todo y el chofer muy amable. Recomendado la visita inicial al templo solo consideren que si se suben muchas escaleras, pero vale la pena.

Very practical and perfect to visit from a cruise ship if you don’t have much time. Our guide Hero excellent, he knew everything and the driver very friendly. Recommended the initial visit to the temple just consider that if you climb a lot of stairs, but it is worth it.

The customers visited Nihondaira Plateau, Kunozan Sengen Shrine, and Miho Pine Tree Grove. 

  1. Mount Fuji view from Lake Tanuki
  2. Torii gates in Miho, Shimizu
  3. heart rock
  4. cruise ship passengers


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