tokoha university internship student

We welcomed internship students from Tokoha University.

This is Hirokane at Local Travel Partners.
Today, let me introduce our internship students from Tokoha Univesity in Shizuoka City.
They are studying English and tourism at this university.
They write English blog posts introducing Shizuoka.
We hope you will  be looking forward to visiting our Prefecture after reading them.

I am Miyabi.
My major is English at Tokoha University.
I like talking with my friends and I want to make friends from all over the world someday!
Shizuoka is a nice place.
I want you to know about Shizuoka for future good memories!!
I hope you will enjoy a great trip;)
Thank you🌟

tokoha unversity internship student

Miyabi, Tokoha University internship student / Disney Land in Californinia


My name is Sana.
I am studying English at Tokoha University.
Shizuoka is rich in nature, so you can benefit from all kinds of great experiences!
I want to share with you the charm of the wonderful city of Shizuoka.
You must come!

Tokoha University internship student

Sana, Tokoha University internship student / in the U.S

I am Nao,  a Tokoha University student.
Now, I am studying English at my university.
I really like to learn English.
It is because it helps me enjoy conversations with many foreign people.

I love running.
When I have some free time, I run around my house.
Running is so much fun because I can feel so relaxed or reduce the stress of daily life.
Recently, I got new shoes, so I want to run as soon as possible.

In the future, I want to get a job related to English.
I want to help foreigners and I want them to understand Japanese culture or the good aspects of life in Japan.
Through this project, I hope that tourists can enjoy sightseeing.
Also, I would like to have a chance to talk with foreigners.

tokoha university internship student

Nao, Tokoha University internship student / in Canada

Hi! I am Risa.
I am studying English at my university and I like communicating with people in English.
I love traveling.
I usually travel to other prefectures, but this year, I went to some sightseeing spots and beautiful sceneries in Shizuoka Prefecture.
I realized that Shizuoka is a worthy place to visit, so I want to share its greatness.
I hope you will be interested in Shizuoka after reading my blog post!

Risa Tokoha University internship student

Risa Tokoha University internship student

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