Robert-Gilles (Guide, French, He has lived in Shizuoka for over 40 years!)
English teacher, French teacher, Tourism & Gourmet Journalist, You can count on him!

Tetsuya (veteran English speaking driver)
He is the most popular taxi driver in Shizuoka City.
Not only speaks English, but very hospitable. We received many requests from customers for his services.

Kiyono (excellent English interpreter guide)
The young lady wearing the pink jacket. She has grown up in Shizuoka and has acquired much knowledge about Shizuoka.
Before the guests arrive, she always check about clients' interests. And she prepares a guidance to suit them. a very hospitable lady!

Hiroko (a veteran English interpreter guide)
She is managing an English studying organization and has much experience in guiding.
You can count on her!

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