Shimizu Port, Mt Fuji Port

Custmer’s voice 31

A wonderful day in Shimizu!

My group of 7 (i.e., me, my husband, our 11-year old son, grandparents + 2 fellow travelers/friends) had a wonderful day in Shimizu last week, participating in this tour with Miyuki.
Miyuki is a wonderful tour guide. …so friendly, knowledgeable, and organized.
She teaches English to local high school students.
Her teaching enthusiasm shines through in her manner.
The van driver was pleasant and very attentive.

We were so very fortunate to have experienced such clear skies during our time in Shimizu.
The views of Mt. Fuji were breathtaking!!
Our visit to the Sengen Jinja Shinto Shrine was also lovely.
A beautiful and honorable place! Lastly, we enjoyed our stop at the Miho-no-Matsubara beach which also offered majestic views of Mt. Fuji.

Mother Nature was on my side for my day in Shimizu.


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