9 recommended spots near Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture by internship students.

We are a group of five junior students at Tokoha University.
Thank you for looking at our blog post.
We introduce Japanese tourist attractions in English in our classes.
We are writing this blog for Local Travel Partners on our internship.

We would like to introduce our recommended 9 spots on the northern area of Mount Fuji (Yamanashi Prefecture).
In this post, we would like to introduce the remaining 5 spots of the 9 spots.
We visited them on November 5th and 6th.

5,Niju Magari Toge (pass)

It stands 1151.5 metes high.
We can lie in a hammock or sit on a bench while taking in the view.
If the weather is fine, you can enjoy beautiful views of Mt.Fuji and Oshino Village(忍野村) there.
It was fall when we visited there, so we were able to see the maple trees.
The view from the terrace is, of course, splendid.
But many maple trees on both sides of the road from the parking lot to the terrace are also beautiful and highly recommended.


Asama-en is located in Fuefuki City.
There you can experience fruit picking!
You have 40 minutes to eat one of seven varieties of grapes from August to late November when they are ready for consumption.
You can eat Koshu grapes in November.
After checking in at the reception desk and walking a short distance, you will found a field, where the staff will show you how to harvest before you start picking.
Grapes that are past their harvest time are laid out on a table, so you can taste and compare.
You can also buy them at the store.

7.Sightseeing Boat “Appare”

We would like to introduce the  Sightseeing Boat “Appare”.
It is located in Kawaguchiko (Kawagichi Lake).
Depending on the time of year, boats run every 30 minutes from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
You can enjoy cruise around Kawaguchiko for 20 minutes.
When you board the sightseeing boat, announcements are made about the types of fish that live in Lake Kawaguchiko and the sights of the lake.
You can see Mt.Fuji if the weather is good.
There are staff who can speak a little English.

8.Roadside service area Narusawa

Next we would like to introduce Roadside service area Narusawa.
It is located in Narusawa Village.
There are kitchen cars, a souvenir shop, a hot spring, and a snack bar.
The snack bar serves unusual foods such as “sendo soba” (soba noodles with a heaping of shredded Japanese radish , a local dish of Narusawa Village), rice with Narusawa greens, and cookie tempura.
The cookie tempura is sweet like pancakes.

9.Saiko Bat Cave

Lastly we would like to introduce Saiko Bat Cave.
It is located by Lake Saiko.
It is open from 9:00 to 17:00, but bats are nocturnal and can only be seen in the evening.
During the day you can explore the caves.
After receiving a helmet from the staff and walking along the mountain path for about 5 minutes, you will arrive at the cave. The cave has a low-ceilinged path in the middle of the cave, so be careful.

Thank you very much for reading our blog posts.
We hope you enjoyed our posts.

Tokoha University internship students

Tokoha University internship students



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