Shizuoka University Internship student

Welcomed an internship student from Shizuoka University.

Hello, my name is Stanley!
I am an internship student at Local Travel Partners.

Shizuoka University Internship student

Shizuoka University Internship student

Let me introduce myself.
I am from Bali, Indonesia, currently a student at Shizuoka University, studying Chemistry.
Ever since I came to Shizuoka 4 years ago, I was always fascinated by Japanese culture, history and its people.
Slowly but surely I fell in love with the city I have lived in, the prefecture and all of its beauty!

I wish to be able to show all the wonderful things I have discovered and experienced here in Shizuoka, and present and share its beauty to people around the world.

Hopefully you too will be able to enjoy Shizuoka in all of its glory!

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