Tokoha University internship students

9 recommended spots near Mt.Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture by internship students

We are a group of five junior students at Tokoha University.
Thank you for looking at our blog post.

Tokoha University internship students

Tokoha University internship students

We introduce Japanese tourist attractions in English in our classes.
We are writing this blog for Local Travel Partners on our internship.

We would like to introduce our recommended 9 spots on the northern area of Mount Fuji (Yamanashi Prefecture).
In this post, we would like to introduce 4 spots of the 9 spots.
We visited them on November 5 and 6.
That time of year is the most popular season for enjoying the autumn leaves.

1.Yamanashi Prefecture Maglev Exhibition Center
Japan has world-class technology.
The symbol of this technology is the electromagnetic levitation train.
You can see experiments conducted with the fastest train in the world.

The history of electromagnetic levitation trains began in 1962.
Research began with the goal of connecting Tokyo and Osaka in one hour, which would normally take 2 hours and 22 minutes by Shinkansen.
However, due to various problems, construction is still underway, with the aim of opening the line in 2027.

2. Sanrokuen
Sanrokuen is a type of the restaurant where you can grilled meat, fish and vegetables on the irori in front of you!
The restaurant is located in Fujikawaguchiko Town in the southern part of Yamanashi Prefecture.
Irori is a traditional Japanese fireplace used to keep the cold and to cook food.
Here, guests grill their own food on skewers using the sunken hearth.
Sanrokuen which was built in a 150-year-old old house is remarkable about not only for its interior design but also its food.

There are five different courses ranging in price from 2,000 yen to 4,000 yen.
The main ingredients of the courses include river fish, meat, fresh vegetables, shellfish, shrimp, and Houtou nabe which is a local dish of Yamanashi Prefecture. There is also a variety of other ingredients that vary from course to course.

The river fish is served fresh in particular and may still be alive, so be careful not to lose it when grilling it.
You can grill the fish with the sauce handed over by the restaurant as many times as you like.
But once you start eating, you cannot add sauce on it.
Although the price is a little high, it is a very good restaurant where you will feel more than satisfied.

3. Yoshida’s Udon Fujiya
The main future of Yoshida’s udon, a local specialty of Fujiyoshida City, is the firmness of the noodles, which are very well matched with a soup blended with soy sauce and miso.
To order, write down what you want on the order form at the table and hand it to the staff.

I had the black Fujiya udon with bamboo charcoal kneaded into it and takikomi-gohan.
The price is very inexpensive, but the food is very satisfying!
The owner recommends the meat udon and Fujiya udon.
In addition to udon, the tempura is also delicious, so be sure to try it! Enjoy eating chewy udon like you’ve never experienced before!
It gets very crowded at lunchtime. It is recommended to stagger your visit a bit.

4.Oshino Hakkai
Oshino Hakkai is located in Oshino Village, Minami-tsuru Country, and was registered as a Natural Monument of Japan in 1934.
Eight ponds have been created by the volcanic activity of Mt.Fuji.
The eight ponds are: Deguchi Pond, Okama, Sokonuki, Choshi, Yuku, Nigori, Kagami, and Shobu .

Even today, the water still flows and wells up as underground water from Mt. Fuji.
A variety of freshwater fish swim in the crystal clear water, which can be seen from the top of the ponds.
Signs written in English are posted at each pond, and visitors can learn about the origin of the pond’s name.

Thank you for reading our post.
To be continued.
Stay tuned!


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