internship student

We welcomed an internship student from Tokoha University.

Today, we welcomed an internship student from Tokoha University!

Hi! I am Kurumi ! Let me introduce myself!
I am a junior in university and I belong to law department.
Especially I am learning international law in my university because I also have an interest in international situation.

I love traveling abroad. I have been to Canada, the U.S, the Philippines, India, South Korea and Malta.
And this year, I have stayed in Malta for 2 months to study English.It was really an amazing time for me because there were a lot of beautiful places, and I also met many wonderful people in there. I learned a lot of important things from my foreign friends.

Through this experience, I realize the importance of understanding different cultures.
After graduating from my university, I want to work in an international environment. So now, I want to learn how people are working in tourism industry.

I will be in charge of mail exchanges and will write blog posts also. 
I would like to do my best to learn as much as possible in here! 

Kurumi, an internship student

Kurumi, at an English School in Malta