internship students

We welcomed 3 internship students.

Today, Let me inform you that we Local Travel Partners welcomed 3 internship students.
They are all university students who are studying media and English  at Tokoha University, Shizuoka City. 
Until November, they are in charge of email exchanges.
They will do their best to provide you a wonderful trip!
All of their emails are confirmed by a representative.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Also they will write some blog posts.
Please look forward to it!

Thank you.


internship students

Internship studenrs

From left to right
Yuki, Kanon, Haruki.


Hello, I am Yuki KINO. Tokoha University Student.
I am in English major and learning about world cultures and how to teach Japanese.
I have lived in Victoria, Canada for one year and half on working holiday Visa.
During the time,  I have done teaching Japanese and working with Japanese Nikkei society to have some event such as tea party, sushi party and Japanese style matsuri.
I hope you all have fun and make wonderful memories in Shizuoka!

internship student

Yuki internship student




Hello, my name is Kanon WATANABE.

I am a university student and major in the English language department.
I am very into in communicating with foreign people and I do my best so that tourists can enjoy Shizuoka.
I hope you will have a great time!

Kanon internship student

Kanon internship student


Hello, My name is Haruki ITO.

I am an internship student at Local Travel Partners.
I lived in Hawaii for 10 years and I would like to help other travelers that come to Shizuoka.
Please have a great time and enjoy this wonderful prefecture!

internship student

Haruki internship student

Thank you!
We look forward to welcoming you!


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