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While in Shimizu port, we had a private for our tour that took us to a beautiful shrine and also a viewing area of Mount Fuji.
The day was clear and we saw Mount Fuji. We were all very excited.
In addition, we also visited a volcanic Beach and also took a gondola up a mountain, we were a group of eight from our cruise and we had a driver and a wonderful guide, Hiroko.
Our guide was so wonderful, wonderful accommodating and very knowledgeable.
She was able to tell us the history and the cultural information from each of the areas.
This was a wonderful day as I said it was only four hours, but we were able to see some really beautiful sites we were able to shop around the port once our tour was over, I highly recommend booking this excursion.
We were blessed with a beautiful tour guide on a clear and beautiful day and saw Mount Fuji throughout the day.

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