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Customer’s Voice 4

Fantastic Tour!!!
Hirokane and Terry, 
     D〇〇〇 and I just wanted to share a few of our personal photos with you and Terry. The couple that traveled with us, L〇〇〇〇 and B〇〇〇 D〇〇〇〇 agree that it was one of our most interesting and fun days spent in Japan. Your company does a fantastic job communicating and following through with requests. We cannot say enough good things about Terry and his driving and guiding skills. Visitors would  be lucky indeed to have him as their driver/ guide. Warmest Regards, D〇〇〇 and G〇〇〇〇

This photo was taken by our guests from the U.S. / Nihondaira Ocha Kaikan

  1. Mt. Fuji & Torii Gate
  2. private tour from shimizu port
  3. guided bike tour in shizuoka
  4. Lake Tanuki private tour


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