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About the Covid-19 in Japan

This is Hirokane at Local Travel Partners.
Today, I would like to share you about the situation of covid-19 in Japan.
The situation is getting worse than before.

Many Japanese now believe that postponing the Tokyo Olympics was the right decision.

The Japanese government is asking us not to go out as possible as we can.
Many restaurants, travel agencies (like us),  bus companies, taxi companies,  hotels are in the very serious situation.
At this moment, no one knows when this situation will be converged.

tokyo governer koike

Tokyo governor

The Tokyo governor asked people to stay away from bars, karaoke, to slow coronavirus spread.

(April 2nd 10:30 AM 2020 by NHK)

Number of confirmed infections
serious illness
leaving hospital
(The day before +277)
70 81
Prefecture Number of confirmed infections
Tokyo 587
Osaka 278
Chiba 185
Aichi 183
Hokkaido 180
Hyogo 162
Kanagawa 161
Saitama 104
Fukuoka 78
Kyoto  76

Our area, Shizuoka prefecture, 13 people. (increasing)

The source site is here. (Japanese language site)

We really hope the situation will get better soon.

Please take care of yourselves.


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