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For Railway Enthusiasts, Oigawa Railway Trip by internship students

Welcome to our blog!
We are a trio of third-year students taking a class on “English for Tourrism” at Tokoha University.
We are on an internship at Local Travel Partners.
Our role is to introduce recommended activities in Shizuoka through writing blog posts in English.

We would like to introduce attractions of the Oigawa Railway through 2 posts.
In part 1:We introduced the unique history of cars.
This is part 2: We introduce our own trip experience by Oigawa Railway in May 2022.

Oigawa railway 16000

Oigawa railway 16000

We went on the Oigawa Railway Trip in May 2022.
Our trip started from Kanaya Station along the JR Tokaido Line.
You can transfer directly to the Oigawa Railway from the premises of JR Kanaya Station.
Pass through the ticket gate and ask the station staff for a ticket.

We bought a one-day unlimited ride pass for 4,900 JPY.
With this free pass, you can ride the Oigawa Main Line from Kanaya Station to Senzu Station and the Ikawa Line from Senzu Station to Ikawa Station, the last stop on the Ikawa Line.

We took the 8:59 a.m. regular train from Kanaya Station bound for Senzu.

Tokoha University internship students

Tokoha University internship students

One of us,  Takuro, was so excited.
On the other hand, Yudai already suffered from motion sickness on the way to Kanaya.
However, once the train departed and we could see various landscapes, we got carried away and started taking pictures!

Well, we got a nice view.

This train stops at Shinkanaya, Daikancho, Hikiri, Pass, Monde, Kamio, Fukuyo, Owada, Ieyama, Nukesato, Kawane Onsen Sasamawatari, Jina, Shiogo, Shimoizumi, Tanokuchi, Surugatokuyama, Aobe, Sakihira, and Senzu, in that order.

Oigawa railway abt train

Oigawa railway apt train

After arriving at Senzu station at 10:15 a.m., we transferred to the Ikawa Line departing from Senzu station at 10:20 a.m.
We recommend you to buy a box lunch, snacks, or drink at Kanaya Station.
 After taking the Ikawa Line, please remember that there are no restrooms at some stations.
Aso If you miss the train, you need to wait for the next train that departs one hour later.
But don’t worry.
You can go to the restroom at Apto Ichishiro Station, which is just halfway between the two stations, while the trains are being connected.

Oigawa Railway Apt train

Oigawa Railway Apt train

The windows are open during the ride, so you can feel the abundant nature up close.
There is a café at the famous Oku-Oi Kojo Station (=the meaning the staion on Oku-oi lake)
There,  you can get off the train and enjoy a cup of coffee on the way.
And the scenery during the ride is amazing!

Nagashim Dam

Nagashim Dam

It was like looking at a painting.
After about an hour and a half, we arrived at the last stop, Kanzo Station.

At that time, due to a landslide, we could not go to the last stop (Ikawa Station), so we got off at Kanzo Station, one stop before that.

After getting off at Kanzo station, we explored the surrounding area.
There were just mountains and nothing else.
Walking around at a loss, we found a small restaurant!

When we were about to take a rest there, the old lady of the store talked to us.
She told us about her childhood and the Oigawa Railway at that time.
And she served us soba at her restaurant.

It was full of wild vegetables and delicious!
We were happy.
And what’s more, she gave us brackens as a gift!
We were very touched.
She seemed to be very happy to have visitors too.
This is what we like about the Japanese countryside.
It was a very happy moment.


After that, we took the train back home.
We asked the conductor if he had any recommendations for us.
Then he told us about the only coach on the Ikawa Line.
It was a sideways bench seat car.

Oigawa Railway Ikawa Line

Oigawa Railway Ikawa Line

It is more open and more thrilling than a regular car.
The view from there was more spectacular than the regular seats on the way there!

It was so windy that we could have dropped our cellphones.
But we felt so good that we did not care about that.
The hour and a half on the way there felt longer,  but the return trip felt very short.
We arrived at Senzu in no time!
In the train from there to Kanaya, we sat on the seats in the opposite direction from the one we went to.
The view there was nice too.

Thus ended our trip around the Oigawa Railway.
It was a trip with great scenery and friendly people.
We will never forget this experience!

We also made a short video of our trip.
Please enjoy the video, too.

Thank you for reading our blog posts.
It is our great pleasure if you enjoyed our posts!


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