Sayaka an internship student

Welcomed internship students from Tokoha University!

This is Hirokane at Local Travel Partners.
Recently, we welcomed 5 internship students from Tokoha University in Shizuoka City.
All of them are studying English and tourism at the university.
Until July, they are in charge of writing blog posts or making movies to introduce their recommended spots in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Let me introduce our fresh new members!

Himeka internship student

Himeka, an internship student at the Horai Bridge (the longest wooden pedestrian bridge in the world)  / Shimada City

Hello !
I am Himeka .
I am studying English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Also I am studying Latin American and East Asian culture at my university.
I want to contribute to the increase the number of tourists in Shizuoka.
Shizuoka is a beautiful city.
Welcome to my hometown, Shizuoka!

Sayaka an internship student

Sayaka, an internship student

I am Sayaka.
I am studying English at my university.
I love Shizuoka.
Shizuoka is full of magnificent nature and historical buildings.
I want you to enjoy the wonderful places in Shizuoka.
Therefore, I will do my best to help you with your journey.

I am Kyoka.
I am a university junior student.
I like dancing.
I have been taking ballet lessons for 18 years.
(In the picture above, I’m wearing a blue costume.)
And sometimes I teach ballet.
Do you know about popular spots in Fujieda City (Shizuoka Prefecture)?
In the next days, I will take a video to introduce you to Fujieda.
Don’t miss it!

Mahiro an internship student

Mahiro, an internship student

Hi everyone!
I am Mahiro, an internship student at Local Travel Partners.
I love green tea and Matcha.
I would like to show you all about them.
I have some recommendations to green cafes in Shizuoka.
I am sure you will like them.
I will do my best no matter what happens.
Thank you!

Yuiri an internship student

Yuiri, an internship student

I am Yuiri, on an internship at Local Travel Partners.
I love Shizuoka.
Friendly people, delicious food, beautiful sceneries, historic buildings, etc.
I would like you to discover more about the good points in Shizuoka.
I am looking forward to meeting you in my hometown!
Thank you. 🤍

Stay tuned for their updates!
Thank you!

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