Torii gates in Miho, Shimizu

Customer’s Voice 22

A brilliant personalised and flexible tour of Shizuoka

The booking process was seamless and very responsive.
I was kept up to date with any changes to the tour guide and arrangements for meeting on the day.
As we arrived by cruise they were also considerate of changes to our arrival time etc.
On arrival, Hirokane was waiting as promised with a bright yellow jacket (which was quite the commitment given it was 32 degrees).
Shortly afterwards we were introduced to our driver and tour guide.
Immediately they ran through the plan of action and checked we were happy.
The tour itself was brilliant but was made even better by the hospitality and kindness from Motoko and Mr Uchida.
The organisation was excellent and as we did a private tour we could spend as long or as little as we liked in places.
When we had shown an interest in a particular shrine, they used their knowledge of the area to take us to a more private and local shrine which shared alot of similar features.
This was not included in the original tour plan but just showed one example of the flexibility and personalisation that we experienced on this tour.
We would strongly recommend using this company, and we will definitely be using them again on our next visit.

Kunozan Toshogu Shrine

Kunozan Toshogu Shrine

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