Tokoha University internship students

Mt. Omuro & Izu Shaboten Zoo by internship students

Hello,  Welcome to out blog!
We are intenship students (Funa, Shuichi, and Tsuzumi) at Local Travel Partners.
We are studying English at Tokoha University in Shizuoka City.

Tokoha University internship students

Tokoha University internship students (Funa, Shuichi, Tsuzumi)

Our role is to introduce our favorite spots in Shizuoka through writing blog posts.
We would like to introduce some spots around Mt.Omuro in Ito City (Izu Peninsula) in Shizuoka Prefecture. This area is called Izu Kogen in Japan.

In this post,  we would like to introduce Mt. Omuro and Izu Shaboten Zoo.
In the next post, we will introduce Candle Workshop Niwa-Cafe and Izu Granpal Amusement Park.

Mt. Omuro
Mt. Omuro is one of the Japanese natural monuments and has an elevation of 580 meters.
It is the largest scoria hill in Izu-Tobu Volcano.
We can ride chairlifts from the foot of this mountain.
It takes only 6 minutes to the top.

ropeway at Mt.Omuro

On the top, we can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the city.
Needless to say, the view of Mt.Fuji from there is majestic and breathtakingly beautiful.
Moreover, you can enjoy an ever-changing beauty depending on the season.
If you have a chance to visit Izu Kogen area (Ito City) we recommend you to visit there.

Mt.Fuji view from the top of Mt.Omuro

Before you descending there, we recommend you to try to eat “Mitsuhuku Dango”.
Thanks to it and the view, we are sure that both your heart and stomach will be satisfied!

A chairlift round trip ticket: 
Adults (junior high school students and over) 700 JPY
Children (4 years old and over) 350 JPY
Group for adults (20 people and over) 600 JPY
Group for children (20 people and over) 300 JPY

Mitsuhuku Dango: 300 JPY
The other tastes of Dango: 300 JPY per 2 skewers

Address: 672-2 Ike, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel: +81-557-51-0285 (from Japan: 0557-51-0285)

Izu Shaboten Zoo

Izu Shaboten Zoo is a theme park of animal and cacti located near Mt.Omuro.
You can get there only in 1 minute by car or 5 minutes on foot from Mt.Omuro.

You can meet a number of varieties of different animals such as squirrel monkeys, peacocks and wildly popular capybara.
During the winter season, you can see capybara taking an open-air bath which is one of the winter characteristics of this zoo.

Moreover there are greenhouses inside which about 1,500 kinds of cacti are grown.
You can see cacti in various sizes and shapes.
When you go through all the greenhouses, you can experience cactus-packing.
You can choose and and buy your favorite cactus and bring and grow it in your own houses.
You will be able to enjoy not only growing them but also their flowers in various colors, shapes and sizes.

Parking fee: 500 JPY
Admission fee:
Adults (junior highschool students and over) 2,400 JPY
Children: (elementary school students) 1,200 JPY
Children (4 years and under) 400 JPY

Address: 1317-13 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel: +81-557-51-1111 (from Japan: 0557-51-1111)
Website in English:

To be continued in the next post.
Stay tuned!
Thank you!

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