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Continuing with the presentation of the bike tour we provide, I will talk here about .We have started a new bike tour around Shimizu port.
We recently welcomed guests from Canada with whom we toured from Shimizu Marina to several must-see place in town. 

It includes Miho‘s pine tree grove, its surroundings, and Shimizu‘s fish market “Kashi no Ichi !

It is a 4 hours tour. Here are the details : 
Start at Shimizu Marine port ~ Shimizu coast line ~ Miho jinjaMiho Pine tree grove ~ Miho‘s beach ~ Miho Shirube museum ~ Miho lighthouse ~ water-bus ride on Suruga bay ~ fish market “Kashi no Ichi” ~ fresh fish restaurant ~ Shimizu down town ~ back to Shimizu Marine port.

Several cruise ships stop at Shimizu port. We are grateful to have been able to provide taxi tour to many of our cruise customers. This one was the first of our bike tour in this area !

Arriving at Miho shrine or Miho jinja 御穗神社. We visited the several shintô shrine inside and talked about its customs in Japanese culture.

To go from the shrine to the pine tree grove, we followed the “God path” or Kami no Michi 神の道. 

Leaving the bicycle at the parking and walking inside Miho no Matsubara to the beach.

The place where you cross finger for the clouds to go away and make place to the Mount Fuji !
While the breeze feels good during spring summer, you might want something to cover yourself in colder period.

Here is the culture and creativity center of Miho no Matsubara : Miho Shirube. It opened in March 2019. There is an exhibition room about Miho‘s history and about the place being a part of the Cultural site of Mount Fuji. The pine grove preservation office is located inside the building. A very interesting place to visit.

Making our way through the pine grove park to arrive at the coast.

A 2 kilometers ride along the Suruga bay, passing by the 50 000 pines ! An impressive number !

Quick stop at the first concrete lighthouse of Japan.

bike tour shimizu

Riding through nature in the Miho peninsula.


bike tour shimizu

bike tour shimizu / shimizu port water bus

On the water-bus. It stops at S-pulse dream Plaza shopping mall – Miho – Fish market “Kashi no Ichi“.
We can see the Mount Fuji at the back ! How come the sacred mountain can bring that much joy when showing even only a bit of herself ?

Arriving at the fish market. Feeling the real life of a port town with local shopping.
We tasted raw oyster on the move ! It was fresh and tasty !

After the market, look around the many restaurants and find your place 😉 From raw fish to shellfish, from boiled to fried fish, everything is possible !
Our guests from Canada really enjoyed the place and the food, there is no more rewarding moments than seeing your guests delighted 🙂

We have been riding whole morning, the meal was quickly gone ! Now, we were ready to go back to the Marina.

If there is some time left, we will stop by Suehiro 末廣. It is a sailor lodge from the 19th century opened by Shimizu Jirocho, an important man in Shimizu’s port history. He, for example, was one of the first thinking learning english was important for the future  and the first to open an english school in Shimizu. 

Many thanks to the H。couple to have joined us for this tour. They were such a nice people, I hope they enjoyed their stay in Japan and in Shimizu 🙂


At Local travel Partners, we provide this bike tour around Shimizu port : it is a 4 hours tour, going through the town and following Miho’s peninsula coast. We can adjust the content to your wish. Please feel free to ask us for details 🙂

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