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Steam Locomotive trip and farmers’ house stay

This is Hirokane at Local Travel Partners.
Thank you for coming to our blog.

Today, I would like to introduce our popular program (2 days 1 night) for overseas travelers in Shizuoka.
“Steam Locomotive (of Oigawa Railway) trip and farmer’s house stay in Kawane-Honcho Town”.

Autumn is a good season to do this tour.
It is the harvest season, with delicious vegetables and the S.L runs through beautiful autumn leaves.

steam locomotive of oigawa railway

steam locomotive of oigawa railway

You can count on us!
We provide full package of this program.
All you have to do is book the tour.

Then we meet at JR Shizuoka Station (or your hotel) and we will hand over to you all the tickets.
(We arrange the Oigawa railway round trip ticket, the one way steam locomotive express ticket, the bento-lunch and momidashi-tea served on S.L, the farmer’s house stay with 2 times meal, the tea lecture at Chameikan, and the visit of the suspension bridge.)

Shin-Kanaya Station

Shin-Kanaya Station of Oigawa Railway. The Steam Locomotive starts from this station.

★Oigawa railway steam locomotive runs every day. (This is very rare in Japan.)
★On steam locomotive, you can have a bento lunch with momidashi-tea at your reserved seats.

bento lunch & momidashi tea

bento lunch & momidashi tea

★At farmer’s house, you can visit green tea farm, enjoy harvest experience, cook dinner (or B.B.Q) with farmers, do small fireworks (if you wish) , spend overnight in a Japanese traditional tatami room.


★In April, you can enjoy tea picking ! 
★Enjoy tempura of tea leaves!

tempra of freshly picked tea leaves

tempura of freshly picked tea leaves

★On the way to the farmer’s house, we stop at “Chameikan” to have tea time in a beautiful Japanese room. A lecture on “how to pour Japanese green tea and enjoy it” will be provided by a Japanese tea instructor.

tea experience in shizuoka Kawane-Honcho

tea experience room


tea lecture at Chameikan

tea lecture at Chameikan

Shiogo suspension bridge

Shiogo suspension bridge


If you are interested in this program, visit our website and check the itinerary.
We are looking forward to welcoming you!
Thank you!


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