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Incredible 2 Days at Mt.Fuji

We booked a 2 day tour with Local Travel Partners in the Shizuoka area – the first tour with incredible views of Mt. Fuji at Lake Tanuki, Shiraito Falls, and the Fujisan Hongu Segen Shrine and the second tour seeing Miho Pine Tree Grove, the Nihondaira plateau via a ropeway (Gondola) and viewing the Kunozan Togoshu Shrine.

Both tours were incredible and our driver, Mr. Tetsuya Nakazawa, was incredibly professional, friendly, and very patient with us which allowed us to take many photos – providing us time to be in the moment as we enjoyed the majesty of Mt. Fuji. These were truly the most memorable 2 days of our trip to Japan.

As an unexpected plus, Tetsuya presented us with an SD card of photos he took of us while we were touring. We knew he was taking pictures but didn’t realize he took 101 photos!

It’s not common to have your entire group in the photo as we are always taking photos of each other. This was above and beyond our expectations!

Arranging the tours with Mr. Hirokane Ishikaki was very quick, detailed, and flexible, providing us various options while planning our itineraries. There were never any surprises and communication was professional.

He even met us at the start of our tours to ensure everything was ok. I highly recommend this company for tours in the Mt. Fuji area – they’re local and experts in the area, and they’ll help you beat the crowds to capture incredible memories!

Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls

Lake Tanuki

Lake Tanuki

We received this great review on our trip advisor site.
Thank you so much for joining our tours twice!
Their cruise ship stayed 1 night at Shimizu Port.


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