guided bike tour in shizuoka

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I absolutely loved this tour! My three male travel companions were not as enthusiastic about the prospect of a bike tour however really enjoyed it – much to their surprise. It was a real pleasure to see some sights outside of downtown as well as get some fresh air and exercise to burn off a few soba noodles 🙂 I especially treasured the insights from Hero who showed us where he grew up, where his mate’s cafe is, and where he played mahjong as a teenager. It was great to help imagine “real life” in Shizuoka. Thank you so much, we’ll definitely be in touch if we travel to the region again (fingers crossed!).

guided bike tour in shizuoka

guided bike tour in shizuoka

Mt.Fuji view bike tour in shizuoka

Mt.Fuji view & countryside bike tour in Shizuoka

Mt.Fuji could be seen!
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Thank you so much for joining our bike tour!
They were all rugby fans.

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