guided bike tour to a green tea farm

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One of the favorite parts of our trip to Japan!

Guided Bike Tour to a Green Tea Farm in Shizuoka

We recently participated in this guided bike tour to the green tea farm.
It was one of our favorite activities during our entire two week vacation in Japan!

We were super thankful for Robert, our guide, for not only showing us safe passage through Shizuoka but also for sharing his knowledge about the area, history, culture, and people.
His English translation during our tea farm tour and tasting was perfect.
He was warm, kind, and super interesting.
The team bikes and helmets were waiting for us at the Shizuoka Station when we arrived.
The bikes operated perfectly.
The ride was fun and not too difficult, especially since the bikes functioned so well.
It was such a refreshing ride after hiking through the massive, hot, sticky, crowded paths of Kyoto.
The scenery was breathtaking.
Additionally, what we learned about the green tea farming and production process fascinating. We chose the tasting experience that covered the different types of tea leaf preparation in the production of different types of teas from the green tea leaf.
We learned so much!
Our knowledge and appreciation of tea has grown immensely.
The teas were delicious and we were able to purchase many teas at a greatly reduced price directly at the production facility.

Our only regret was that we did not plan to spend more time exploring the Shizuoka area and slightly more off-the-beaten path places like this.
When you plan your trip I highly recommend limiting your time in the crowded Kyoto and Tokyo tourist crowds, and starting a lenghtier visit to the Shizuoka area with this guided bike tour to the green tea farm with Robert and Hirokane.

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