Two cosy villages in Fujieda City by Kyoka (an internship student)

Hello, everyone.
This is Kyoka, an internship student at Local Travel Partners.
Today, let me  introduce about Fujieda City in villages.

First of all,
I would like to introduce Yuribiku Mura” Village.
There are three shops in this village.
Let me introduce these shops one by one.

①”aima”  (cafe)
You can enjoy chai ,sweets and vegan foods and  dinner at this shop.

②”Hoa sua”   (Vietnam cafe)
And this shop is very unique!
This shop sells Vietnam goods and accessories.You can take a nap on their comfortable Vietnam’s hammocks.

“hiyori” (garden shop)
A lot of seasonal  flowers are blooming outside of the shop.

In order to open shops in this village, people need to have a meeting with the village headman.
The village headman judges if their shops will be suit or not in this relaxing village.
If you visit this village, I am sure that you will be able to relax naturally.

It makes a relaxing atmosphere of this village naturally.

Next, I would like to introduce another unique village, “Suisha-Mura”.
“Suisha” means water wheel and “Mura” means village in Japanese.

At this village, you can experience the life of a Japanese farmer in an old folk house.
Currently, “Suisha-Mura”  is under repairs.
Various people are cooperating in repairing it that everyone can come to this village and enjoy various experiences.

I look forward to welcoming you to these villages!
Thank you!

Kyoka an internship student

Kyoka an internship student


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