Shimizu Fish Market Kashi-no-Ichi & Shimizu Water Bus by students

Hello, Welcome to our blog!
We are internship students at Local Travel Partners and we are majoring in English at Tokoha University in Shizuoka City.
Our role is to introduce our favorite spots in Shizuoka through writing blog posts in English.

In this blog post, we would like to introduce Shimizu Fish Market “Kashi no ichi” (河岸の市) and Shimizu Port Water Bus Short Cruise which departs from this market.
The market is in Shimizu ward,  Shizuoka City. 

First, let us introduce the access to this market.
From JR Shizuoka Station, JR Tokaido Line to JR Shimizu Station (11 minutes)
From JR Shimizu Station, East exit (beside sea),  4 minutes walk.

■ What is Kashi no Ichi?

Shimizu Fish Market “Kashi no Ichi”

It is a fish market where we can buy and eat delicious fishery products that are unloaded at Shimizu Port.
Shimizu Port is famous for its biggest catch of tuna in Japan.
Many tourists from all over Japan come to this fish market to enjoy seafood.
If you have a chance to visit Shimizu, we highly recommend you to visit this place.
There are two buildings in Kashi no Ichi as described below.

Ichiba Kan (mainly fish market)

We can buy fresh fish and shellfish from many fish dealers.
There are also some seafood restaurants, too.
When we visited there, most restaurants were crowded with visitors.
You can buy not only fresh fish, but also dried fish and dried seaweed which are good for souvenirs.

Maguro Kan (mainly seafood restaurants)

There are many seafood restaurants in Maguro Kan.
You can thoroughly enjoy fresh seafood of Shimizu with all your five senses.
Souvenirs and light meals are quite popular, too.
Amongst that, we were so surprised by the deliciousness of “Kaisen-don”.
We ordered Kaisen-don.
Then, a hard-boiled tuna and miso soup were included for this order.
It was not only very delicious, but also reasonable.
We only paid 1,000 JPY for this meal and we got full.

Official website of Kashi no Ichi :
(Japanese language only)

An introduction of Kashi no Ichi on our website

Secondly,  let us introduce the sea journey by Shimizu Port Water Bus which departs from Kashi no Ichi.
Do you know that Shimizu Port is one of the most beautiful ports in Japan?

Shimizu Port

Shimizu Port

It is also introduced as Mount.Fuji Port by major cruise ship companies.
As described, you can enjoy a short cruise while seeing beautiful scenery.

Ejiri Pier Water Bus Stop (= Kashi no Ichi)

We recommend you this short cruise.
The course is as below.
Ejiri Pier Water Bus Stop (= Kashi no Ichi) → Miho Pier Water Bus Stop (near Miho no Matsubara,  a part of Mt. Fuji World Heritage, we will explain about this spot later.) → Hinode Pier Water Bus Stop (= S-pulse Dream Plaza, a shopping center) → Ejiri Pier Water Bus Stop.
Of course it is also good idea to get off the water bus at Miho or Hinode, too.

After enjoying lunch at Kashi no Ichi, you can walk to Ejiri Pier Water Bus Stop only in a few minutes.
 However please do not forget to buy a ticket.

You can buy it near the elevator in Kashi no Ichi.
It costs 800 JPY for an adult to get on the round trip. (It takes about 1 hour.)

This is the biggest reason we recommend this cruise!
Seagull and Mt.Fuji from the water bus
Mt.Fuji view from the water bus

Mt. Fuji view and Miho no Matsubara (Miho Pine Tree Grove)

You can see seagulls and 三保の松原 (Miho no Matsubara / Miho Pine Tree Grove).
Miho no Matsubara is a  scenic area of the Miho Peninsula because of the beauty.
It was chosen as one of the best scenic locations in Japan.
You can enjoy the spectacular view of Mt.Fuji from the bus!
How beautiful!

In addition to that, you may be able to see dolphins with any luck.
We recommend you to board on a sunny day.

Website of Mt.Fuji Shimizu Port Cruise:
(written in Japanese, English and Chinese)

In conclusion, you can enjoy a unique experience of Shizuoka Pref. and see the beautiful scenery can only be seen here.

We hope you will find various attractions here.

How was our blog post?
It is our great pleasure if you enjoyed the post.

Thank you!

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    • Kevin
    • December 22nd, 2021

    Good information and great pictures! I live in Nagano, and sometimes I really want to go to the sea. Now I have a new place to go enjoy it! Thanks for the post!

    • Thank you very much for your comment!
      It is our great pleasure to hear that.
      Please come and enjoy Shimizu!


    • Amy
    • February 16th, 2022

    Very easily readable while still being very informative, and with wonderful photos to match!
    Makes me miss Japan, especially Mt. Fuji and the tasty seafood!

    • Thank you very much for your comment!
      I am sorry that I have not noticed your comment.
      I will forward your comment to the students.
      Please come to Japan and enjoy staying.


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